Elizabeth Baker




A photographer is born!
Who am I?
I am an only child, I grew up with whitetail deer as my pets, I love to laugh, my degree work is in biological science/chemistry, I could read all day, I can knit but not crochet, I love anything crafty, I am all for being outdoors and I am a mother of two bright, funny, busy children. My motivation as a photographer is to help people feel confident about being in front of a camera - either to preserve a memory or promote their own business. To do this I take time to learn about my clients and make connections that often turn into lifelong friendships.
After many years of dabbling in photography I began my journey as a "professional". What does that mean? It means that I was taking thousands upon thousands of shots, attending workshops, reading, researching, investing in quality equipment and then taking thousands and thousands more photographs in order to better understand light, composition, focusing, aperture, shutter speed and most importantly of all...MY style. (Oh, and don't even get me started on editing. Ugh! My first attempts were so over the top I literally cringe when I look at them.)



I began using social media to help market my services. Of course, the best advertisement is referrals and I am proud to say that most of my business is generated from previous clients. (My clients happen to be the most interesting, charismatic, generous and best looking people on the planet. I love them like family.)
The biggest news of the year? I had one of my photographs published in the Starting an Etsy Book for Dummies. The icing on the cake was that my daughter happened to be in that particular shot. (You guessed it, she thinks she's famous.)
Can you say wedding season? This was the year that I photographed my first weddings, took on commercial assignments and evolved my workflow. By taking on new challenges, I pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone and that was the magic bullet. The quality of my work was significantly improved as well as my confidence and business savvy.


Hello 2018!
I have big plans for this year and I am looking forward to a full calendar.
Even better news: My product line has dramatically expanded. Nothing makes my heart happier than helping a client find the perfect way to preserve and display their favorite photographs.